Putting the finishing touches on book six in the Bonnie Books series, A Special Kind of Courage. The original five books were released in the 70s and were very well received, selling an average of over 200,000 copies each. Released as a box set in 1975, you can still find a few copies on eBay.

Once Courage is up, we will start working on re-releasing the original five books.

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We will be keeping you posted along the way and you can get involved by checking out our Contact page for links to Barbara’s social networks.

Back in the saddle again,
Ria & Barbara

1 thought on Courage

  1. As you two well know, I loved the original Bonnie books. I have seen others suggest an updated version for girls ot today, maybe with cell phones etc. I really hope the originals are rereleased unchanged. Maybe a new first chapter or two with a flashback to the original stories could accomplish this. I cannot wait to re- read all of them. Repectfully, Lisa Laviola-Dowd DVM

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