The Return of Bonnie

cover_Courage_goodreadsA Special Kind of Courage is officially out and available on Amazon!

The first book published by Barbara in over 30 years, we are incredibly happy to be able to share this newest installment in the Bonnie books series with all of her fans.

I’m very proud to be a part of this project and have had the chance to talk to people about the books recently. Barbara has been humbled on more than one occasion with compliments like “I read those books as a child! I love Bonnie!” and it has been wonderful to see how much of an impact her books had made on people. It is my hope that the series sees a resurgence of interest and support, through not only previous fans, but new generations as well.

Barbara and I will be on hand for her firstĀ A Special Kind of Courage book signing this coming weekend in Ocala at United Hay Sales from 12noon until around 3:30pm. More about that next!

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Having a bit of a moment today. UPS dropped off this lovely little package from CreateSpace a day early! So guess what I’ll be doing tonight!

We are so very close to the release of book 6 of the Bonnie series, A Special Kind of Courage. We will be going over it to make sure we haven’t missed anything, and I hope to have it launched by the weekend.

The next step after proofing the printed copies, is to send it over for conversion to Kindle so you will be able to order both the paperback and digital formats.

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More updates soon!


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Much fun with reincubate’s Keep Calm-o-Matic.


Putting the finishing touches on book six in the Bonnie Books series, A Special Kind of Courage. The original five books were released in the 70s and were very well received, selling an average of over 200,000 copies each. Released as a box set in 1975, you can still find a few copies on eBay.

Once Courage is up, we will start working on re-releasing the original five books.

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We will be keeping you posted along the way and you can get involved by checking out our Contact page for links to Barbara’s social networks.

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